Fenzone Youth Council

Fenzone runs alongside YPM, the idea is to give young people a purpose and a voice so they can become decision makers for all young people.

We want young people to take a major role in the running of the centre and to be able to part govern alongside trustees.

Fenzone became a separate entity doing most of their work without YPM, they now have been operating for five years and the group is involved in planning and delivering many different projects at YPM, but independently for all young people’s benefit.

Fenzone’s intention is to work together on projects and fund raising and to try and meet and review issues and requests from the young people in the community. We also want to work with other agencies i.e. police, council etc. to build up better relations.

We work alongside YPM in things such as fund raising and decision making regarding the centre, we contribute to positive outcomes which promote the centre and young people.

Apart from fundraising locally we provide our own funding to continue, this means we have to participate in funding applications and presentation events to promote our group.

We help run sessions with YPM staff and work with the younger members, we put on events and also keep up with all training requirements. Thanks to YPM many of us are now passing levels in youth work, first aid, food hygiene and health and safety.

Fenzone has been funded recently by the Local Youth Action social Fund and the High Sheriff.


My name is Lewis I have been volunteering and working at YPM for 2 years, I started volunteering at the junior club and then went on to become a paid member of staff working in other youth settings run by YPM. I have received awards and participated in training which has all helped boost my CV. I recently travelled to Condover hall in Shropshire to take part in a team building trip and have been involved in lots of other events and activities run through Fenzone youth council based at YPM.

I have been helping to deliver an IT project called Surf AND Snack which has meant I can use my skills in IT to teach some of the older generation living in March how to use IT and develop their skills.

Throughout my 2 years here I have gained so much I have become more confident, learnt new skills personally and practically, I have made lasting friendships and increased my self-esteem.